Northwest Territory: These Tents Are Practically Plug-and-Play

Northwest Territory TentsCamping is like life in miniature, or life shrunk down to its basics. And there are three basic physical necessities in life: food, clothing, and shelter. It is basically what to eat, what to wear and where to put them all in. Thus, it is essential that the tent one brings on a camping trip is capable of protecting the camper, his supplies, and his gear from sun, cold, rain, wind and other elements.

If a camper plans to go out hiking, swimming, climbing or just enjoying the great outdoors, he should be able to stow his packed food, extra clothes, other gear and supplies into his tent and be reasonably confident that they will still be as he left them. Moreover, when it’s time to settle in for the night or when rain hits, the camper should be able to find shelter in his tent and stay warm and protected.

With all this in mind, definitely consider Northwest Territory Tents when planning a camping your next camping trip. These Tents are affordable and priced well, with the Northwest Sierra Dome Backpack tent priced at $28.49 you can’t lose. They even have family-sized Tents that sport two rooms that are priced around $129.

These special tents are designed to be three-season tents, and could provide good shelter in all but the severest of weather conditions. You don’t need to be an expert camper to assemble these tents – they really are that easy. It’s not like with other tents where fiddling with poles and pegs are such a hassle, for both setting up and breaking camp.

The Sierra Dome model has only two poles that you need to set up!  Seriously that’s it! In a sense, they are like plug-and-play: The setup is quick and easy, and you can stow your supplies and other gear, and then go off and hunt, hike, climb, fish, or do whatever else you had planned to do for this camping trip. And when it’s time to go home, just dismantle the tent as you break camp just as easily as you set it up.

NW Tents are good entry-level tents for beginner campers. Affordable, simple to use, and durable, they provide the camper with ample shelter amidst the nature trails and forests. They are also readily available in major retailers like Sears and Kmart, so the beginner camper need not hunt for them in camping specialty shops.

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